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Make It Last - Preserving Family Documents, Photographs, and more

Many of you have paper items of personal or historic value, but they do not know how to preserve them. Local museums and archives do not have the resources to help.

At Make It Last Document Preservation, we help you preserve your most valued paper artifacts and photographs – anything that you may wish to save for your children, grandchildren, museums or just simply for posterity. We can work on anything that is made of paper – photos, diplomas, news clippings, art prints, old books, albums and much more. (For a complete list see What We Do.)

As a small business, we are proud of our personal service. Our main focus is to help preserve your paper valuables. We conduct simple one-on-one meetings and personal preservation service. You may consult with us in person, over the phone or via mail.

Let us examine the condition of your items, teach you about long-term care, and perform cleaning and preservation on your special collectibles.

How Will you Preserve Your Treasures…?

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