Before and After

Below are some examples of our past work:

19th century family document before - folded, broken in many places, unprotected.

A document that had been in the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It was folded and so rigid that the folds would have broken if someone had opened it by hand.

17th century document as it arrived (yes, that is one document).

Book before, with broken spine and detaching cover.

That is how it arrived.  A bunch of papers that had been stored under the backseat of a classic car for decades.  The owner/restorer  wanted the most important documents to be saved along with the restored car.

19th century family document before.

Early 1900s diploma abused by a pet. 

(Name blacked out)

Map in the front of a book, before.

19th century document after repair, deacidification and custom archival sleeve.

(Name blacked out)

Pearl Harbor document legible and viewable after an archival unfolding and flattening process and repairs.

(Name blacked out)

17th century document after an archival unfolding, repair and reassembly.

Book after.  Spine has been reattached with matching bookcloth and cover is back in place.

After extensive work we recovered the relevant documents and the VIN plates.  

(some info blacked out)

19th century family document after all pieces had been reassembled and the whole document received a full backing.

(Name blacked out)

Pet damage repaired and diploma housed in a custom sized archival sleeve.

(Name blacked out)

Map in book, after repair.