Frequently Asked Questions

1. How it works

2. Pricing and payments

3. Trust

Where do I start?

Email us with questions.  We can give you information tailored to your item ( cost estimate, shipping info, time frame etc)


What types of things do you treat?

Anything that is on paper.  This includes certificates, letters, drawings, posters, diplomas, paperwork, photos and more.  We can also accommodate other materials to a limited degree if they are attached to the paper.


What kinds of damage can you treat?

We can fix tears, remove tape, relax paper (if it will not unfold or unroll), clean the surface.  These services are usually all that is needed for long-term preservation.  


I just want some info but not commit to anything yet.

Just email!  Answers are free and we use your email only to answer questions. We never add your email address to any kind of subscription and we do not flood you with annoying "hire us" emails.  If you ask a question, it will be answered and that's it.  If you walk away after getting an answer, that is perfectly fine.


I worry about sales pressure and giving out my information.

We use your info only for our own records so that we have a reliable way to contact you while your document is here for treatment.  We do not share information with anyone and we do not use it to advertise or spam.


Do I have to mail my document(s)?

In most cases, yes.  Most of our clients are from out of state and mail their documents.  We make some exceptions and meet a client in a public location for hand-over but we do not like to do this because of repeated no-shows.  We have met for hand-overs with a number of out-of-towners who were traveling through the area, so if you would like to drop the documents in Fayetteville on your way, we can arrange it.  Just ask.


How long does treatment take?

Usually between two and four weeks.  We can expedite at no extra cost.


How do I mail my item?

First, let us know you are mailing an item.  Use whichever carrier you want.  Mail it to the address in our contacts page or in our email signature block.  Pack the item so that it does not move during transit.  If it is rolled or folded, leave it so and mail it in that form.  If it is flat sandwich it between two layers of cardboard.


Do you restore ink?

NO.  There is no such thing.  Once the writing is faded on a document  there is no known process to bring it back.  We do not retrace ink by writing on a document.


Do you frame?

No, we are not a frame shop.  Also, in most cases framing is bad preservation so we always recommend to clients that they should think about framing a copy and preserving the original.


How much does it cost?

Most single-document treatments come in between 100 and 200 Dollars.  For a more detailed explanation of pricing, click here.


How do I pay you?

 Normally we collect payment after the work is done but before we ship it back.  We do not ask for payment or a down payment ahead of time.  You can pay by mailing a check or cash, by using PayPal or by using major credit cards. 


What types of payment do you accept?

 Check, cash, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. 

Note that we take credit cards THROUGH INVOICING, not in person or over the phone. We use PayPal as the merchant service to process the credit cards (that's where the invoice will come from) but you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.


Are the items safe during treatment?

Yes.  Nobody has access to them except for us and they are in a safe, climate-controlled space.


How do I know you are legit?

We have been in business over 11 years.  Our business is in our home, so you "know where we live".  Many clients have mailed us their documents and received them back.  Mailing away your document always requires a leap of faith but we assure you that this business is above board.  We make very little money, so there is no incentive to abuse people through volume sales.  For more information, see the About Us page.


Why should I use this service?

Because we are the only ones in the United States who do document preservation at this price and because your documents will fall apart if you do nothing.  Feel free to take them to a larger conservation lab instead of us but DO SOMETHING.  The benefit of our service is that it is simpler and more affordable.


I worry about sales pressure.

We do not do that EVER in any form.   We only answer your questions and we never contact you unless you specifically asked us.  Some people call that passive, we call it ethical.


What do you do with my information?  

We only use it to contact you during treatment of your document. Once you decide to hire us we will need your email, phone number and street address only to be sure we can contact you.  Once the job is over, your information is not used again.  We do not sell private information to any other companies or advertisers.