The cost depends on the size, extent of damage, and which services you want.  Before we can tell you a price estimate, we need to know the size and the condition of your document.  Many people email us pictures of their document(s) and we can give a free, no-obligation quote via email.  


Here are some cost examples: 

  • If you have a 15 x 20 inch diploma or certificate with medium damage (some tears, some tape to remove) and we do the usual recommended treatment, the total cost will be between 175 and 200 dollars. If that same document needs no repairs, it could be as little as 125 Dollars.
  • If you have a 8 x 10 ich document with the same conditions as above, the total cost will be between 115 and 150 Dollars. If the same document needs no repairs it could be a little as 75 Dollars.
  • Prices for book repair depend on how many things are wrong. Each of those things is a line item with varying costs.  For example, a spine repair is 30 Dollars, a page or section reattachment is 20 Dollars, an entirely new cover is 60 dollars.
  • The average client has one item and spends between 100 and 200 Dollars.

These prices do not include mailing, but in most cases that cost is less than 10 Dollars.