What do we do?

We prevent and slow down the deterioration of your treasures.  Our treatment will add decades and centuries to their lives.  They will be ready for carefree handling, storage and viewing. We repair, reassemble, neutralize acid, preserve and protect using modern professional methods of conservation.  All of our archival supplies are the same ones museums and libraries use.


Why choose us?

We offer preservation services that are cheaper, faster and more basic than those of a big conservation lab.  Our purpose is to help people GET IT DONE and provide fast, affordable preservation solutions for valuable documents. Click here for before-and-after pictures of our past work.


Things we treat:

  • Historic documents
  • Family documents
  • Baptismal and wedding certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Letters
  • Classic car papers
  • Books (read more)
  • Photos (read more)
  • Anything paper

Treatment includes:

  • Tear repair
  • paper stabilization
  • archival unfolding/unrolling
  • Acid neutralization
  • custom archival clear sleeve
  • tape removal
  • Surface cleaning


  • restore ink or faded writing
  • frame
  • restore / fill in images
  • remove deep stains
  • make paper white again
  • make scrapbooks
  • laminate
  • fix baseball cards for grading
Some damage is irreversible.  We aim to preserve what you have, not restore documents to their original condition. For more information on this, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please understand that our treatment will not be effective if you do not follow storage guidelines as explained on our Preservation Basics page.