Book Repair

We can do most repairs on books. These include:

  • Spine repair
  • Spine reattachment
  • Page reattachment
  • Tear repair
  • Cover reattachment
  • Cover replacement
  • Endpaper repairs
  • Signature reinsertion
  • Textblock consolidation

Email us pictures and a description of damage and we can give you an estimate for your book repair.

For an example of a book repair visit our Before and After page.


We can also make custom-sized protective book folders for fragile or rare books (see left).  These help older books remain stable and they help all valuable books remain free from dirt and dust.


Tip: store very heavy or old books lying flat.  This reduces strain on the spine.  Never store any book spine up as that causes the insides to pull away from the spine.

----Note that we cannot fully rebind books or make new leather covers.----