We can help you preserve photographs.  Keep in mind that in most cases there is not much we can do physically because photos do not deteriorate like paper does.  They are either ruined or they are fine. Most of the time a photo just needs proper storage.  If a photo is in bad condition it is usually best to reproduce it, either at a photographer's or on your scanner at home.  Email us for specific advice for your photos.  (As always, answers are free and there is no sales pressure!)

We can help you with the following:

  • repair tears
  • make custom plastic sleeves
  • diagnose problems
  • advise you about rescuing/reproduction
  • advise you about storage and safekeeping

Did you know...?

Sticky or "magnetic" albums are not good photo storage.  Note the yellowing in this picture (right) due to acid. Also, the glue in the albums is potentially harmful.  It is best to move the photos to an album with clear archival pages or to a paper album with photo corners. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you. Email us for advice.