Why Preserve?

1. Because it will only get worse

It is natural for paper to deteriorate.  Your document may look fine but it is continuously worsening.  One day it will suddenly be too late.  A bit of treatment will go a long way. 

Visit our Preservation Basics page to learn more about how to keep your documents safe.

It was too late for this poster.  The paper had become too brittle to handle.  We could not preserve it.

2. Because people store things in the worst possible places

We are all guilty of it: family documents in the attic, news clippings in a box in the garage.  Many of our clients had their documents in spaces that are vulnerable to humidity, heat, dirt, insects and rodents.  Getting treatment is the first step to better document health.

Not a good place for papers!

3. Because you have a responsibility to preserve history

Do you have an old contract?  An item that was present at a historical event?  Is your family prominent?  Then your documents might be of interest to future generations and could go to museums one day.  Take the first step to preserving them now.

Detail of a 17th century deed that we treated.